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Since our inception, the RJC and members have shared a fundamental commitment to transparency and accountability for progress. A heightened awareness in recent years for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2030 has evolved our performance standards – which focus on responsible Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) business practices – to play an ever more critical role in transforming the sustainability of supply chains.

Sustainability is a journey of continuous improvement and success occurs over time. Our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact and their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) taskforce will support our members in knowledge sharing and measuring progress towards the 17 SDGs.

Our Progress Reports renew our commitment to being a transparent and accountable organisation. They are an opportunity for us to share the challenges to our industry and progress being made by the RJC and members. 

2022 RJC Progress Report

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Standard: RJC Code of Practices 2019

Your pathway to a sustainable business

Certification is the bridge between standards and impact – they help businesses transform ideas into measurable action. The RJC Code of Practices are the only jewellery industry sustainability standards to include all key areas of sustainability.